Non-Skid & Anti-Slip Floor Contractors

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Non-Skid & Anti-Slip Floor Contractors

Danger Floor Slippery When Wet

Slips and falls are the number one workplace killer and cause of disabling injury in the  workplace.  With contaminants like chemicals, water, food scraps, rain or snow, its’ only a matter of time until somebody slips and falls. If someone slips and falls in your facility you’re going to get the call and; you’re going to pay. Protect yourself and your coworkers with proven anti-slip solutions.

Sand thrown into ordinary floor paint has been the most common treatment against slips and falls, but the protection is short lived.   The sand crystals soon begin to break off and lay on top of the surface, exposing you to further slip and fall danger.  Continuously replacing these warn sand and paint surfaces is a hassle and expensive.   As any plant manager can tell you, the expense of the prep work far exceeds the cost of the product. Not to mention the several days of down time you’ll suffer during application, after application, after application.

AST Anti-Slip Coatings can change all that, They can last over five times longer than sand-in-paint and  other broadcast systems, even when subjected to the most punishing environments and five time more durability means five times fewer applications, downtime, and expense, as well as five times fewer headaches for you.


Typical Applications:                                                                                            Typical Applications:

Loading Docks                                                                                                        Food processing

Platforms                                                                                                                 Paper mills

Fork lift traffic                                                                                                        Heavy manufacturing

Ramps                                                                                                                       Bottlers

Wet areas                                                                                                                 Canneries

Steps                                                                                                                         Meat packing plants

Aisles                                                                                                                        Poultry plants

Walkways                                                                                                                Shipping & transportation

Around machinery                                                                                                Public facilities

Exits/entrances                                                                                                      Hospitals & Nursing homes

Splash and small spill areas                                                                                 Railroads & subway systems

Vehicle beds & step bumpers                                                                               Sewage & treatment plants

Chemical transfer areas                                                                                        Breweries

Wash Down areas                                                                                                   Theme parks

Garages                                                                                                                       Oil refineries

Handicap zones                                                                                                         Chemical plants

Diamond plate surfaces                                                                                           Wineries

Ares exposed to the elements                                                                                 Schools & public institutions

Anywhere contaminants fall                                                                                   Textile mills

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