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This concrete foundation was poured later to be enclosed.

This concrete foundation was poured later to be enclosed.



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Total Concrete Solutions, LLC Concrete Contractors Decorative Concrete Contractors   We are concrete and decorative concrete contractors in San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas, we have been in the industry since 2001 full-time. We offer free in home or business consultations on anything concrete. From a new driveway, sidewalk,  patio or pool deck etc. We offer New Removal & Resurfacing We offer crack repair. If you have standing water in areas of your concrete we offer solutions for most settings. If your concrete is dull and grey and you would like to bring new life to it we offer many phases of concrete resurfacing installs many styles, colors & patterns. Is your concrete slippery?  We have the solution. Increase the value of your home and or business. New concrete should have a minimum of 3 1/2″ of base, compacted, standard wire mesh in most settings and 3000 psi concrete, with a lite broom finish for anti-slip purposes. If sealing your concrete it should be done soon after the concrete is poured. Use a breathable sealer and an anti-slip additive in the sealer if exterior. Most sealers are mold, mildew, and ultra violet sunrays resistant. Never use an epoxy concrete sealer on an exterior install as it crystallizes in the sun and it can be very slippery. Any concrete sealed in under 30 days should be breathable. After pouring your new concrete you can have a decorative concrete stain appied to make it even more appealing. If your thinking of a stamped concrete surface when it is poured would be the appropriate time to do so. If you have any questions at all regardless of how small were here to help in any way.  We are reliable concrete contractors with many years of knowledge feel free to call us at (210) 584-4691 to schedule your free estimate. We have a full color portfolio of work completed.

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